Integrated Digital Marketing

This trail blazing automatic digital marketing platform continuously engages your raw leads with targeted content and filter out the lead that are ready to be pursued by your sales team. It can nurture not so ready leads for a long period and alert when they are ready to buy.


Automatic Mail Verification

LeadAutoConvert is designed for high quality campaigns, all the mails are verified and the campaigns are sent to verified mail id

Click History for Every Single Click

LeadAutoConvert using advanced behavior algorithm sends one campaign after the other and records every click and time spent . For every lead the time spent ,the number of visit, etc can be viewed for every campaign

Set-up multiple Funnel

Every funnel would have theme and you can set-up any numbers of funnel needed. All the funnel can be individually monitored through dashboard

Move Leads across categories and even funnels

Depending on the algorithm the leads can be moved in different categories within a funnel or a different or multiple funnel

Event based Manual Category or Funnel change

If you are running a funnel and a lead calls you up , you will probably need to move it to red hot category, LAC enables you to manually move the lead to any category or funnel.

Multiple Parallel Funnels

You may have multiple products each with a different website and you may want to explore the interest of the lead in any or all of them by giving the URLs of each. Depending on the lead behavior the lead can be moved to any one or more than one concurrently

Find Opportunities From Unknown.

Directional Insights : Accross multiple Content Interactions.

Dashboard View

Instead of sending a campaign and manually decision making define the patterns and look at your lead conversion on our dashboard

View for every Click

You can view every click on the content for each lead at a single place rather than going to multiple systems.

External event integration

External events such as free trials, site visits etc can be integrated and be a part of automatic decision making.

What are you looking for?

Our state of the art AI Technology process Data independent of the template and integrated with Web services, workflow. You can automate the entire Document generation processing.

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