Integrated digital marketing

Social media, CRM , Google analytics all integrated with behavior algorithms for automatic opportunity discovery.

Transform your lead-quote-cycle

Use Cases for LeadAutoConvert Marketing

Lead Scoring

Scoring leads is a very tedious and sensitive process, LeadAutoConvert Marketing pitches content based on the lead interaction that the lead is likely to find engaging. The lead interaction with the content is measured and the lead scored continuously.

Lead Nurturing

Not all leads are ready to be pursued for sale at a particular point of time. LeadAutoConvert automatically engages with leads progressively targeting relevant contents as the lead warms up, this way you can discover opportunities from leads which you would have rejected as cold.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Todays leads are social and the accurate assessment of lead behavior is incomplete without integrating social media CRM, Google analytics and all other applications to which the lead interacts. LeadAutoConvert integrates all data sources and automates the process of content targeting

Referrals & Loyalty Programs

It is wise to keep the lead engaged with your targetted content over a long period of time as to fuel your referrals and loyalty programs.

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