Turbo charge your Lead-Quote -Cash cycle

Automated integrated digital marketing- Fly-by-wire technology.

lead engagement : Go digital and automated

Smart lead-quote-Cash cycle: 30% more leads

Sales.LeadAutoConvert is a revolutionary fly-by-wire integrated digital marketing platform that targets persoanlized content at users and through sensors and rule based algorithms defines the content targeting and measures the lead readiness, once the defined readiness threshold is crossed it can automatically update CRM or send mail alerts.

Automated Lead Engagement

Sales.Leadautoconvert is designed to store hundreds or thousands of templates personalized mails from which are generated automatically and content refined based on the behavior and Lead readiness continuously measured.

Lead Scoring

The Lead interaction with the personalized mails is continuously displayed accross multiple campaigns on a dashboard, You can get the lead score as well as how it has been arrived.

Lead Nurturing

Not all leads are ready to buy immediately some may need more persuasion and content targeting before he or she gets qualified as an opportunity. Leadautoconvert can nurture a lead for you as long as it takes.

Lead Insights

getting Insights and giving you a brief picture of what is the lead interested in and which group he is more likely to lie in, you can reuse the lead for a product of his liking.Over a period of time you will develop a high quality well categorized leads out of Raw leads .

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