Automated Digital Marketing to recycle your existing customers into new opportunities


All the content personalization, campaign, behavior sensing and response is fully automatic.

Social and GA integrated

Google Analytcs integrated,CRM & social sensors can be hooked in.


Intelligent & automated sense and respond with behavior categorization

Support in 30 seconds

Google Analytics Integrated

OAuth based authentication of google analytics account of which your site is linked, the clicked data is pulled automatically and fed to the behavior algorithm engine as well as visible on the dashboards.


Advanced rule engines for behavior categorization.

Our configurable behavior categorization is easier to set up that you to define what behavior indicates what pattern/category. Once set-up it runs without manual intervention.



All you have to do is to set-up the funnel with raw leads , funnel and behavior pattern hereafter you can watch hundreds or thousand of contents being pitched automatically and raw leads trickling into bucket.


Enterprise Class Integration Middleware

A system is open and the integration to CRM and other external sources is very easy . All parameters will flow for decision making automatically.


Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard gives a directional big picture of the lead conversions over time progress versus multiple plan goals and drip rate . Conversion data can be pushed through web service and


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