Pitch for more busniess with support communications

LeadAutoConvert can create a custom sales pitch by merging every support communication with a custom highly personalised pitch that your cstomers will appreciate and can give you more sales.

The help desk ticket : your new sales mascot

Use Cases for LeadAutoConvert-Support


With Leadautoconvert support Customer inclination for cross-sell is measured and relevant products pitched


The customer may be ready to upgrade by measuring the interest level of the customer to specific products that are grade higher his inclination to upgrade is measured and displayed on a dashboard.


During the course of the post sales cycle the customer could have an inclination to buy more with custom content targeting and behavior sensing the system is able to make a judgement without overloading him with irrelevant content

Customer Insights

The insights into the customer behavior comes form not only what he has brought but what he is capable of buying. With a platform that can automatically target content and change content based on behavior you get insights that is not otherwise possible.

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